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Best Apps for Studying Korean posted at 15:20

As I have been quite hiatus recently because of the massive amount of work we have to deal with before the Easter holidays and the ever looming presence of the final year exams, I thought I would post something useful that I compiled earlier this year.

In this post is a list of what I think are the best apps on the iphone (and probably ipad if there is a version) that I use for my studying but also for in my spare time. I am not sure if there is an android equivalent of each app I will list but make sure to check if there is as all are extremely useful!

If there is one here that I haven't listed that you think is useful don't hesitate to leave a comment to tell me! ^^

As an iphone user I love to use different apps for studying Korean but also to further my knowledge of Korea itself. I use many on my phone and I thought it would be useful to write a diary entry of which are my favourites and why I use them to help me improve my Korean. Some are in English and Korean and some are in Korean entirely. Hopefully I can show others how many apps there are available which are really interesting and help towards studying beyond class work.

One of the most useful apps I use for when on the go is the
Daum Dictionary. It is really useful and can translate words from Korean into many different languages and additionally from other languages to Korean. I have found that it has the most accurate definitions of words and is very easy to use despite being completely in Korean. It also has a really handy camera app where you can take a picture of a word such as in a textbook or on a menu, and it will try to translate it for you which is really clever! I definitely recommend this one for any Korean language learner.

Another really useful app for when learning and studying Korean is Dongsa. This app allows to you insert any stem form of a verb and then it conjugates it into past, present and future verb forms. As a student who really struggles with this aspect of Korean I have found it one of the most useful tools and I really recommend it for those who still struggle with verb form rules. The only downside is that you could misspell a verb and it would not pick up on your mistake so therefore you could be confused. Additionally it doesn’t give any translation for verbs if you are unsure on the meaning. However overall it is a great app!

One app I really like but isn’t necessarily aimed for Korean learning is 키스더라디오 which is available for those who want to listen to the radio show ‘Kiss The Radio’ which is hosted by various members of the boy group Super Junior. I have used it a couple of times to listen to the show, and I am not able to understand a lot yet, but I can often pick up words and phrases so it works as great listening practice in your spare time. Unfortunately when I was taking pictures of the app I wasn’t able to get it when it is on air, but sometimes the app allows you to view videos of the show live as well.

Another great app for people who like Korean TV and radio is tving. This app is all in Korean so it is quite hard to navigate but it is really useful for watching small clips of popular Korean shows and dramas without subtitles for practice. You can get full shows on there but Korean friends have told me you have to have really good food internet and also may have to pay a small fee whilst in Korea to play some particular shows. However I really like it for discovering new programmes that I can then research online and watch more.

For those who like Korean food this also another interesting app with many recipes in different languages for Korean food throughout the season called Korean Cuisine. It includes step by step instructions including pictures but also reviews by other users who have tried each recipe. I have tried a few and they taste all really good! It’s also good for Korean learning because you can see what the recipe looks like in both English and Korean. I have tried one recipe in Korean and when I didn’t know the full meaning of what to do the accompanying image would help me get through that part.

KBS have another great app for learning Korean called Lets Learn Korean. It has Korean lessons in many languages including English and focuses on the type of Korean you would need to use in certain situations such as going to the airport and visiting a doctor. Each scenario includes a mini dialogue, a longer dialogue, a vocabulary list and each dialogue recorded by native speakers so you can compare your tones and pronunciation. This is really useful alongside Elementary Korean II work as you can have help with improvement of dialogue tasks but also have the opportunity to see if you’re accent matches those of a fluent speaker. I have found this really useful and one of the best apps available for studying Korean.

KBS continue with the best apps for Korean learners by including their news app. It’s pretty much similar to the news website but it is of course useful on the go. It is completely in Korean but therefore it is good for reading and listening practice as it also includes videos. It updates on Korean news, international news but also gives weather reports. I really like sometimes just clicking on this app and trying to read whole articles or watching videos to help improve my reading practice.

The last app I am going to mention is another really useful app for those have struggles in Korean numbers and writing out large ones which is SpellNumbers. You can select from many languages but Korean is included. If like me you have trouble writing out long numbers in Korean you can insert it into the app and it tells you how to write it. Of course you should study and make sure you can do it yourself but this is useful for those moments where you are really confused and maybe can help as a start to completing it yourself.

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