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한국어 색깔! posted at 13:07

As this week in class I have been studying colours for my weekly vocab test I thought I would make some easier ways to remember the many colour related words which I could share with you. Here is a quick post to give you a simple guide on how to express 색깔 (colour)! ^^

I have made a simple colour guide here of some colours and their Korean translation, which you can save and use to study from in the future.

As you can see some of the colours have two words (or can apply to other colours) so make sure to remember the difference!

For example the first blue is 하늘색 which means "sky blue" as 하늘 is the Korean word for "sky". The second blue which is both 파란색 and 푸른색 are general "blue" which can be used to describe objects such as the sea but also can mean "green". The third darker blue 남색 is "navy blue".

How to use colours is simple and I will show you how! You must put the colour before the noun you are using such as saying the "the green lawn" you say "파란색 잔디/녹색 잔디". And that's all there is to it!

Colours are a necessity in learning a language as it can help you distinguish items and helps widen your vocabulary greatly

Here is another drawing you can save to help practice; a Korean Rainbow! ^^;;

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