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[Make-Up Review] Etude House Drawing Show Creamy Liner ✰ posted at 13:55

Recently as cosmeticlove.com was having a sale on etude products I had a massive haul of things I had been wanting to try for a while. One of these was the 'Drawing Show Creamy Liner' due to seeing so many great reviews for it! I normally use pen or pencil liner so for once I wanted to try a cream liner as many people have told me the results are much better and usually last longer.

To start, the packaging is really cute but I didn't expect any less of etude products as they are all presented beautifully. It's quite small and if you really wanted to carry the contents around together, you could easily fit the box in a medium sized handbag.

On the packaging, like all etude products, the instructions are in both English and Korean. It also includes in Korean some further tips to get the best use out of the product and gives the link to the online store which can show a few tutorials (I have yet to check this out!)

Inside the box, is the cream eyeliner in a round container and the nice thing about this product, is that they also include a brush! The brush is of really good quality, and is better than any other in my collection, including the more professional ones. Also it has a handy cap to place over it when not in use, in order to prevent damage and the spread of dirt.

I chose colour BK802 which is 블랙 더블샷 (Black Double Shock), the darkest shade, as I like my eyeliner to be very strong and I often use it as the statement piece of my makeup. I was actually a little surprised at the size of the eyeliner itself. From what I saw in reviews I thought the product would be much bigger, and I've searched online but I can't seem to find a bigger size. I have included a picture of the eyeliner container's side so you can see how much it actually holds. This is why I hoped the recommendations were correct and you wouldn't have to use much, as it was quite expensive. It could be that previous reviewers have smaller hands so it was hard to judge!

To actually show you an example of how small both the brush and eyeliner container are, I have placed them next to my assistant Sehun ✰ This is a typical photocard size so as you can see they are quite small.

I tested the eyeliner via the brush on the back of my hand (my skin is death white pale) and from left to right is three consecutive strokes. As you can see the first stroke was very dark so if you have a steady hand you won't have to use so much to make it stand out. Additionally when I tried to wash the makeup off my hand after, it was quite hard to do so which may seem a pain but is a good sign it will last well on the eye above a decent primer.

As I normally apply my eyeliner on quite thick I wanted to try how it would adapt to my typical style. To begin, I primed the eye area with Benefit's 'Stay Don't Stray' in light/medium and around the area socket with Benefit's 'Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow' foundation in 'ivory (i'm pure 4 sure)'. For the base I used Benefit's 'Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow' in 'R.S.V.P' and then on the whole eyelid used Benefit's 'Longwear Powder Shadow' in 'Thanks a Latte' which I patted softly over the whole area and blended darker into the crease. In the outer corners and along the brow-bone I quickly dusted Benefit's 'Longwear Powder Shadow' again but this time in 'Call my Buff'. (As you can tell I really love Benefit products ^^)

I really liked how easy it was to trace the eye with the brush and the eyeliner applied clean and smooth without much fuss. I didn't even have to trace over it again to make it darker. However when I used it further to flick out in the wing the colour didn't come out as strong. This may be due to the creamy texture but also by the fact of how I didn't want to over-use such a small amount given. When I tried to re-apply more eyeliner on top, due to it being a cream, instead of making it darker it just blended out further and gave a more smudged look. This doesn't reflect badly on the product, I just think for the style I tried, cream was maybe not the best option. As you may see the wing is not extremely bold and has a slight 'cracked' look despite it not being dry. Though due to it being a cream, it feels soft and kind to the skin. Overall I am very pleased with it and I will definitely stock up in Korea.

After three hours of wear it was still neat and tidy without any worries of having to touch it up. This could be due to the good primer I used but seeing as other eyeliners have smudged using that before, I think it was a combination of both products being amazing!!


✰ Easy application
✰ Dark and long-lasting
✰ Brush included was very good quality
✰ No smell from the product
✰ Cute and simple packaging


✰ Small amount for the price
✰ Too creamy to use for bigger/extreme styles (but it is a cream eyeliner so duh)

I will definitely buy it again when I run out! Next time I may try to blend it with my favourite eyeliner pen for a stronger look~~~ 읽어 주셔서 감사합니다!

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