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Summer Holidays and Year Abroad Preparations posted at 12:51

Firstly I would like to apologise for the long time it has taken me to update, especially seeing as my last post was just before my end of year exams began. Well I managed to complete all my exams and after two months of solid studying 9am-12pm in the library I was able to start my summer holidays!

I actually got my results this week, and *drum roll* I got a 1st!! I was really pleased with the marks in both of my Korean modules and I can now officially enter my 2nd year which will take place at Korea University in Seoul. Despite my excitement from passing, my reasons for lack of update is all the stress created from organising my year aboard. Not only do I have a lot to sort out but it is also costing me lots of money ㅠㅠ but I have my flights booked and I will be arriving in Korea on the 20th of August! I was very lucky to be awarded a bursary from the BAKS association which has helped me greatly with my costs, so I am very thankful.

Whilst I am in Korea I plan to start recording and taking pictures of my adventures and all the work I have to do for studying out there. I also want to begin reviewing Korean products and media, in both English and Korean to benefit my language skills but also so I can recommend any cool stuff I find!!

So I promise to update way more about how my trip developments are going and of course I will be updating as soon as I set foot in Korea in one month's time ^^ Scary business!
My name is 루시 (Lucy) and I am a 2nd year student of BA Korean in London, but currently I am studying at Korea University in Seoul.

This blog will include helpful tips and hints on how to learn the Korean language but will also show my own progress in studying.

I will also aim to post reviews on Korean products and will post videos of my adventures.

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